Meet Grace

My special interest areas are fertility, miscarriage, pregnancy, birth, postnatal mums and babies.


Bachelor of Health Science, Nutritional Medicine

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

Certified Infant Massage Instructor

Post Graduate Certificate in Education, Primary Teaching

Additional Specialist Qualification, Special Education

Additional Qualification, Secondary Teaching

Certificate IV, Training & Assessment


Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)


My Story

I never thought in a million years that I would be doing work that involved food!

*Warning: this is the long version, for those of you who wish to know your healthcare practitioner ;-)


If you ask my mother, as a child back in Canada (where I grew up) I had a real indifference to food and was a skinny little runt.  I would rather be playing. My mum did the best she could with her fussy daughter.

Fast forward to a few years ago and a whole chain of events that brought me to where I am now.  It’s funny how things work out…

Good morning, Miss Miaaanooo…

When I started university, straight out of high school back in the 90’s, I began a psychology degree which I thought would bring me to a career as a Clinical Psychologist.  Although I LOVED psychology (and still do), I soon realised that this wasn’t the career path for me, and after finishing my psychology degree, I decided to go to teacher’s college.

I had had a number of experiences working with children in schools, specialised centres, and in other ways (and my mum was a kindergarten teacher so I grew up going to her classroom) and I decided that I would become a school teacher.  And I did.  For about 12 or 13 years.

During that time I specialised in special education and took on some leadership roles in that field, which I enjoyed.  It was so rewarding developing relationships with kids, especially ones who really needed an adult in their life that took the time to talk with them and believe in them.

Eventually I became a bit tired of curriculum, politics, and other teacher-y requirements and wanted to focus on the part I loved – helping kids with special needs and disabilities.  And I’d had this idea for a long time that I’d love to work for a nonprofit organisation.

So I took a GIANT leap of faith and quit my high-level job in education (with nothing else lined up!) and decided to start looking for this amazing dream job in the nonprofit disability sector…

Oh, and somewhere in there I moved across the world to Australia!  Nothing like taking risks!

Everything that happens in our lives takes us down a path for a reason…there are no mistakes.

I eventually ended up working in a number of roles for a not-for-profit organisation which was the peak body for Autism Spectrum Disorders in my state of Victoria.  I started at the bottom and worked my up to management over a few years, mainly managing education programs and delivering talks and courses on autism to various community and professional groups; everything from parents at playgroups to doctors in hospitals.


Natural progression

I should backtrack a bit here – about a year before I started working in autism I had gotten into fitness pretty hardcore.  I’d gotten to a point in my life where I felt I was neglecting my health a bit and with no Christmas/summer plans for my 6 weeks off (I was still teaching) I decided it was the summer of fitness.

I am a total learning nerd and I love to learn about health for fun. I started going to the gym, did more ballet classes, and hired a personal trainer and started working with her 4 times per week!  And I got fit and healthy. This naturally brought me to start questioning other aspects of my health, such as food.

The pathway there…

And then during this time I met my now partner, who was very much into health.  I saw the foods he was eating and was intrigued to learn more about his diet choices.

I found I was reading journals, blogs, and other online info about nutrition and health FOR FUN (total NERD alert).

And THEN I met a friend at my new workplace who was studying naturopathy, and I thought, why don’t I study nutrition?  Why don’t I do this for a living??

All of this happened at once… the universe works in strange ways…


My true calling

Shortly thereafter I enrolled in a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine.

That took me nearly 5 years to complete.  And all along the way I encountered so many people with so many minor and major health issues – including myself.

And I started to be more critical of what I was told was/wasn’t healthy by the media, and I learned to read and understand what lists of ingredients on labels REALLY were.

As I continued to learn, both through my formal education and my own research, I became more excited about what I might do once I was finished.

Nutritional Medicine

I completed my degree and set up practice as a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner.

I do individual consultations with clients face-to-face and via Skype, and I also love to give talks and workshops, and I do a bit of writing for online publications, such as Natural Beauty Expert.  I work with such a wide range of individuals with SO many varied health needs.  But I do have a special area of focus…

…fertility, miscarriage, pregnancy, birth, postnatal mums and babies.

I love this area so much that I went on to train as a Certified Infant Massage Instructor, as well as a Birth Attendant/Doula.

My own personal journey

And the reason I’m so focussed on these areas is because I have personal experience with fertility and have had three miscarriages of my own (see my stories of two of these miscarriages here and here).  I am absolutely delighted with all the pregnant women and babies I see in my clinic (both in person and online).

I am especially passionate about working with women who have experienced pregnancy loss.  I know exactly what that’s like.  There is nothing better than helping a woman heal and recover after such a devastating loss, and to help those who wish to become pregnant again and hold that rainbow baby in their arms.  It is such an important journey.

I created my e-books on fertility and conception, miscarriage, and pregnancy and babies in order to help women to help themselves with accurate and effective information and advice.

Come along with me.  I’d love to help.

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